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    Fuel Service

    We have established long-term cooperative relationships with national fuel suppliers, thus to obtain the most competitive jet fuel price for our customers. 

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    Concierge Service

    We have established long-term cooperative relationships with all FBOs at global, ensuring that a full range of high-end services will be provided to our clients, including but not limited to: CIQ service, visa assistance, reception & meeting service, escorted vocations & guided tours, fine dining reservations, and security service.

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    Catering Service

    We provide you with exclusive aviation cuisine and customized flight services. Equipped with a private kitchen, more than 20 top chefs who are working with us are ready to serve you with international delicacies. We also work with many five-star luxury hotels around the world to ensure that your catering demand can be fully satisfied. In order to deliver the freshness, we strictly control the quality from the procurement, production, and distribution through the whole supply chain. Currently, We offer inflight catering service in the following areas: Shenzhen(China), Shanghai(China), Xi'an(China) and Wuxi(China), and Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Sihanoukville(Cambodia).

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    Consulting Service

    With years of experience in the aviation industry and extensive public resource relationships, we provide you with a wide range of consulting services in aviation industry, including but not limited to: general aviation companies' development and management operations, general aviation airports and FBOs’ development and management operations, flight training, aircraft equipment maintenance, aircraft dispatcher training and consulting services.

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Our Partners

Work Hand in Hand to Achieve Mutual Beneficial Relationship


More than 20 industry experts working towards your flight

More than 40 years of experience in aviation industry

More than 200 airports in over 30 countries worldwide


Resourceful relationship across all countries in the Southeast Asia

Efficiency in flight permit approval in the Southeast Asia

Guaranteed parking service at all airports in the Southeast Asia


High-Efficiency communication and coordination ability

High-Efficiency information sharing and processing ability

High-Efficiency on-site response capability


Professional bilingual services worldwide

24/7 AOG worldwide services

Dependable governmental flight support

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